Creating Personas for Whenivity's Product


  1. We created a set of personas that provided insight into how Whenivity's target users thought and behaved
  2. The personas were split into the key user-groups that Whenivity wanted to target with their initial product launch
  3. We discovered how they plan group meet-ups, what apps they use regularly, and what they struggle with
  4. These personas were used as a basis for the next step of design work to empathise and align with the user's need and goals
  5. We regularly updated these personas and empathy maps when re-engaging with users during interviews and usability tests by asking them a few questions specifically for this purpose at the end of their sessions
  6. Reflecting on these personas helped our partner to understand where their focus would be best aimed
  7. Unique techniques were used to gather and analyse user sentiment towards planning and arranging meet-ups with their friends including:
    1. Analysis of subreddits dedicated to planning events for small groups
    2. Human-monitored, AI-assisted analysis for an improved efficiency in dealing with large amounts of unstructured user feedback
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