Improving Conversions and Performance on Waggle's Marketing Site


  1. We identified that Waggle's existing marketing site in Framer was underperforming in terms of performance and conversions
  2. We redesigned their entire site focusing on best practices for conversions
  3. We migrated their marketing site to Webflow, enabling more advanced CMS, SEO and performance improvements
  4. The new website with an integrated blog was delivered in weeks, allowing Waggle to take their value proposition to customers in the most effective and efficient way
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When Waggle approached Lightning UX, one of the first things we did was analyse their existing marketing site to evaluate how effective it was in quickly conveying the value to their potential customers.

We conducted user tests with a representative demographic of Waggle's potential users to understand what they thought when they landed on their marketing site. The feedback from this was helpful in understanding how we can make Waggle's hero section as effective as possible.

Through user testing, our heuristic experience, best practices and automated performance tests we identified a number of ways in which the site could be optimised to help educate users about how Waggle would benefit their workflow, along with improving how performant the site was.

We shared this report with the Waggle team, who appreciated the insights and agreed to us completely rebuilding their site in Webflow - a migration from Framer. While Framer is a decent tool for generating marketing sites, what Waggle wanted was a scalable site which could support them as they grow the product and double-down on their SEO efforts. Webflow in our opinion was the most appropriate tool for that.

At that point, we set out designing Waggle's new site - with a supporting design system - in Figma, sharing our progress along the way with Waggle so they could see the vision and provide feedback quickly.

Within a few weeks, we were able to provide Waggle's brand new Webflow site, along with a fully-functional and SEO-optimised CMS blog which they quickly replaced their existing site with.

Their new site is better targeted at their prospective clientele, while also being significantly more performant and optimised for search engines, both of which will help new people find them and sign up for their product.

You can check out Waggle's new website here.

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