7 Best Custom GPTs for Startups

Custom GPTs were recently announced by OpenAI for ChatGPT, and there's already some incredibly useful ones that could help startups in a multitude of ways.

Here's a list of our favourites:

Consensus by consensus.app

If you're looking for some data to prove why your product needs to exist or you want to dive deeper into a problem to ideate a solution, Consensus could be really handy. They claim to have over 200M academic papers on hand, which they can then interface with using their APIs to provide you with intelligent and well-balanced answers to your questions. The GPT also includes references so you can check what's being asserted for yourself.

Logo Creator by Chase Lean

If you are just starting out, you probably don't have a logo yet. While I'd recommend you get one professionally designed to reflect your brand, using this custom GPT could produce a clean, unique logo in the interim period for you to use on marketing assets and your website.

Hot Mods by ChatGPT

Want to edit a photo quickly before you use it for a blog post or on socials? Hot Mods lets you make edits to an existing image quickly without having to use tools like Photoshop, Canva or Figma yourself.

Creative Writing Coach by ChatGPT

Looking for some help writing content for your site? Maybe you want it to be more engaging, or to just indicate any difficult passages or typos? The Creative Writing Coach from ChatGPT does a good job of taking your original content and assisting you in polishing it.

Fully SEO Optimized Articles by Muhammad Talha

If you're looking for AI to take the driving seat in terms of writing, this custom GPT promises to help you write complete articles which are optimised for SEO performance. I would still suggest performing your own keyword research and ensuring the article is useful for your audience, but this could help speed up the process of starting your articles, which can often be the most time-consuming task in content creation.

Canva by Canva

Canva has a great reputation for helping non-designers create design assets which look decent. They've taken this a step further with their custom GPT, which lets you describe the asset you want, and it will interface with its own APIs to produce the designs for you. These designs are typically more refined than what Dalle produces, so I'd highly recommend using this custom GPT if you don't have any designers in your team.

Kayak by Kayak

Kayak are already well established in the travel market, but now they have a very handy custom GPT for helping plan trips. If you're presenting at a conference and need to connect the dots between where you are and where you need to be, this custom GPT could act as your personal travel assistant, saving you some precious time. Just double check the dates are right!

Note: You will need a premium ChatGPT subscription to use these custom GPTs. We are not affiliated with any of the developers of these custom GPTs or OpenAI.

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