Bringing Postr’s New Site and Product to Life


  • We designed and built Postr’s new marketing site in Webflow
  • We built a custom CMS specifically for their templating options, designed to work across the site and their app via the CMS APIs
  • We integrated advanced filtering logic to help people find their perfect template
  • Alongside their new site, we redesigned their entire product to match
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Postr came to us during a transitional period.

Their business model was changing, they wanted to redesign their product and needed a new marketing site to match.

Of course, we were happy to take on the challenge.

First, we built them a new design system, and then used that to drive the direction of the product and marketing site designs.

For the marketing site, we used Webflow as it allows for advanced site design and development in an efficient way, while allowing Postr’s team to easily update content themselves.

Postr wanted to reflect the templates they had in their app with the templates shown on the marketing site.

We suggested and implemented a custom CMS structure in Webflow which meant there could be the necessary parity, as Webflow’s powerful CMS APIs could be leveraged.

We designed and built pages for their email templates which meant they were easy to find, compare and use. These pages were also optimised for SEO, so Postr could benefit from  organic growth as they built their collection of templates.

We also built Postr their blog (and the CMS for it), which would help email marketers find the best content to help with their work.

The blog’s design was to match the aesthetic of the brand - simple, modern and elegant.

We also included some finer details to enhance the experience.

For example, the list of stories on the blog was designed to look like an email inbox. What’s more, when you read a story, the link appears like a previously read email, and that persists across sessions too. It won’t be a detail everybody notices, but the few that do will enjoy it.

As with any of the sites we build, we also ensure every page is optimised for responsiveness, performance, accessibility and SEO.

The entire site (including the CMS and advanced search and filtering functionality) was completed in 8 weeks.

Regarding their product, we worked closely with their team to map out the existing user journeys, remove any areas of friction which didn't need to exist and deliver a product which matched the aesthetic of their new brand. We iterated on the designs based on a few feedback rounds with their development team, who had full access to the Figma file the whole time.

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