Building Whenivity's Marketing Site in Webflow


  1. We worked with Whenivity to deliver them a high-quality marketing site in only a few weeks
  2. We put together a design that not only spoke to their target users' problems, but told the story in a familiar interface
    1. Through interviewing Whenivity's target users and deeply understanding the problem they wanted to solve, we identified the most challenging part of organising plans was getting lost in endless messages
    2. We made the unique design decision to relay this problem to users who landed on the site in the same form - with chat bubbles slowly appearing as they scrolled down the page
    3. The chat bubbles appear to show the user a group chat attempting to organise a meet-up via text, but eventually getting flustered and giving up (a common problem identified)
  3. We produced a responsive, accessible and highly performant site which Whenivity were delighted with and was optimised for future SEO endeavours to help people discover their product organically
  4. You can check out their site here
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