Designing and Prototyping Waggle's New Features


  1. We've been working alongside Waggle's product team to help ideate, design and prototype new features to assist their users
    1. Prototyping new designs and features in Figma has allowed us to ideate, test and iterate far quicker than if the features were developed and iterated on in code form
    2. This provides a large financial saving for Waggle, as they can build a better solution faster, with less re-work - a common problem with many startups and even mature organisations across the world
  2. Through use of Figma's prototyping tools and the design system we built for Waggle, we've been able to efficiently prototype new concepts in days
    1. This allows us to not only show Waggle what's possible, but also explore new and innovative ideas together which we may not have considered initially
  3. We've been rapidly iterating on designs based on feedback from the Waggle team
  4. Waggle have had transparency over the design process, with access to the original Figma files so they can go in and inspect the designs themselves, download assets and play with prototypes whenever they need to
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