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Preview of UX workbook.
Preview of design prototype for Apple Watch strap commerce site.
Wireframe for VerifyEd landing page.
Preview of water bottle ecommerce site's landing page.
Vision OS Figma file preview.
Marketing shot for Keeper, a football game for the Playdate console.

Finding a great designer is difficult

...especially when you're on a budget.

It's time-consuming

Finding a UX designer who can take responsibility of your product's experience takes time. There's the job ads, interviews, portfolio reviews, training and more.

We're ready to go straight away.

The cost is high

Hiring a UX designer full-time is a big financial commitment for your company while you're still trying to find product-market fit.

Having a design subscription means less of a financial burden for your business.

Things are uncertain

The start-up world is messy.

There's no guarantee what might happen long-term.

Keeping things affordable and flexible is key.

Making design easier for start-ups

We take the hassle out of optimising the UX of your products. Here's how it works.

1. Subscribe

You subscribe to a monthly or quarterly plan based on your needs.

2. Make requests

You get a bespoke Trello board created for your design requests. Add as many as you like - there's no limit.

3. We get to work

Requests are worked on, one-by-one. You'll be kept up-to-date with progress via Trello and immediately notified when a request has been completed.

Typically, requests are completed within a few days. Some clients have even gotten requests fulfilled within the day they subscribed.

4. Review

Upon completion of a request, you can review the outcome and can request as many revisions or iterations as you like. This ensures the final product is exactly what you want.

Who's involved

Lightning UX is a solo-agency right now, focused on making great UX design as efficient and accessible as possible.

Profile photo of Michael Fordham


I’m an experienced software developer and UX designer. My unique experience at the intersection between design and development throughout my career has put me in a position where I can design innovative experiences while balancing them with technical feasibility.

Who I've worked with

"Michael's theoretical and practical knowledge covers all aspects that influence an end user’s experience"

Artëm Shevchenko

User Experience Professional

Design services

User Research

We plan, conduct and analyse user research sessions to improve your product.

UI Design

Want a pixel-perfect interface? We create high-fidelity UIs in Figma for you.


Advanced prototypes can help you iterate quickly, without wasting time in code.

Usability Testing

Identify where users struggle, with usability testing sessions for your product.

UX Copy

We craft copy that is perfectly balanced to promote your product and assist your users.

Heuristic Reviews

Use our expertise to help identify clear usability issues with your product.

Information Architecture

Is your app a little difficult to navigate? We can ensure users find their way around better.


Rapidly test out new ideas with our wireframing service.

Accessibility Reviews

Understand how to serve users with different needs, and do it in style.

Webflow Design

Need help bringing your marketing site to life? We can even build it for you.

Case study

Redesigning education with VerifyEd

Working from the ground-up with VerifyEd, a brand new digital certification tool was built allowing institutions to reward and motivate their learners, while recognising their employability skills.

Read case study

How much do you value UX?

Great UX is fundamental to your product’s success, and it can have huge impacts on your business.

$100 ROI for every $1 spent

A study from Forrester Research indicated that for every $1 spent on UX, businesses see $100 return on investment.

"Michael understood my business and goals, and manifested that into an approach I could have only dreamed of had I done it alone"

Keyton Weissinger

Bootstrapped Founder


Subscribe for however long you need our design assistance. Stop your subscription whenever you like.


Unlimited design requests, delivered one-by-one
Unlimited iterations during your subscription
Custom Trello board for managing your requests
Async design advice via email and video

No commitments. Immediate access to professional UX design. Pause or cancel anytime.

£2,499 per month

Flexible, affordable, cancel anytime.

Best Value


Unlimited design requests, delivered one-by-one
Unlimited iterations during your subscription
Custom Trello board for managing your requests
Async and live design advice
Webflow design service
Regular UX strategy sessions

No commitments. Immediate access to professional UX design. Pause or cancel anytime.

£2,499 £2,199 per month

Save £300 per month.

Estimated wait time: 4 weeks

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